Its hard to believe but it's three years today since Dad died - November 14th 2014.  I think he would have been interested in this website as he was quite involved in our family history and we went on a couple of visits together to carry out research.  One was our trip to Beckenham to meet Rob Copeland, the oldest surviving Copeland at the time (1986)and himself a keen historian.  The other was a visit to Lincoln Archives when they were housed in the castle there, and we spent a day ploughing through records, and the night in the Bishop's palace.  I still have Dad's notes he made from the records he looked at whilst I was reading others.

Many of the 'photos I have came from Dad, because he kept all the photos his parents kept, so I have pictures and information going back well into the nineteenth century, and lots of family snaps from the 1920s onwards.  One day I'll put up a gallery of images on this site.  Watch this space.

It goes without saying that I miss you Dad, especially on this day.