Marjorie Stovell's Ancestors - 4 generations

The tree above shows my Grandmother and her immediate ancestors.  This page, and those that flow from it, concern the Stovell family whose men were Surrey blacksmiths for several generations.

These pages, when complete, will look at:

Thomas and Phyllis Stovell and their family.  At the very beginning of the eighteenth century they lived for some years at Leith Hill, in a Smithy that is still there (although now a private house) - we know this from the baptisms of their children and the place of birth of one of their sons on a census, given as Leith Hill. They then moved to Hammersmith and ultimately were buried in Highgate Cemetery.

Their son Thomas who was a Blacksmith and also had a pub in Effingham.  Perhaps the start of three generations of drinking and violence?

His son Frederick, who lived in Cheam.

Frederick's son Tom, A Grocer's Porter in the 1911 census, but later a dancing master and pig farmer, who was supposedly violent towards his family and enjoyed a drink.  (But seemingly had calmed down by the time his grandson,  my father was a small boy as he was good to him (as I shall quote from Dad's autobiography).



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